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International  photographer and filmmaker


This is Hbg - a collaboration between This Is Hbg and filmmaker Anna Rosell where 10 international residents in Helsingborg talk about their relationship with the city. The purpose of this production is to highlight the international community in Helsingborg and to create awareness around the diversity in the city! 

Winter Holiday Stream - a 4 hour long, end of term, live stream for Malmö University from December 2020, including a live studio, pre-filmed reportage, interviews, music and greetings.

Vinna eller Försvinna - the film is a portrait of handball player Clara Lerby, 21, who plays handball at an elite level for Lugi, and has a place in the women's national team where we get to follow the inner and outer journey an injury to the cruciate ligament causes.

Vinterdröm, Folkets Park, Malmö - a film, in collaboration with Malmö city, about the Vinterdröm in Folkets Park, winter 2020-2021.

Film Commercial - a commercial with a fictional sender where the main purpose of the project was an exercise in planning, filming and editing a film commercial. NOTE! The sender of this film is fictional and not affiliated with this film.

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