Q& A

Wedding Photography

How would you describe your photography style?

My style of photography is an extension of who I am as a person.  I care a lot about people and it's important for me to capture people in

I love photographing everything that goes on during a wedding day by creating images that captures all the emotions, love and laughter. As all the little moments come together the images will stay with you forever to tell a story of your wedding day, but also of you as a couple, your friends, family and  


How long have you been shooting weddings?

I shoot my first wedding in 2004 and 5 years later I was shooting 30 weddings a year. Nowadays I only take on a limited amount of weddings each year in order to provide the best service and attention possible.

How long should I book my wedding photographer for?

I would always recommend to have your photographer around for as long as possible. There's things going on in the morning and later in the evening that 

Do you have an assistant? 

I do! I work together with a lovely team and for wedding photography coverage 8 hours or longer an assistant is always included. An assistant is there to make sure everything runs smooth for both you and I during the wedding day and is a great help!

What happens if it rains on our wedding day? We can't do much about the weather but in terms of the images we can! I always prepare a backup plan in case the weather is terrible with indoor locations and sheltered outdoor spots. I always come full of fun ideas on alternative wedding images and the best advice I can give you is to go with whatever weather conditions you are given and make the most of it as it will be a part of your wedding day either way. A cute kiss under an umbrella is always an option, as is bringing a pair of Wellingtons for your portraits and it will certainly make your images personal and fun!

Do you have a backup in case you're ill? I have a network of friends and colleagues who all work as wedding photographers. We go to seminars and workshops on photography together and help each other out in our different businesses as and when needed. If something were to happen to me, if I fell ill or if I for some major reason wasn't 't able to shoot your wedding one of these people would be asked to step in instead of me. If you for any reason were not ok with this all money paid by you would be reimbursed.       

Can I cancel once I've booked? Yes you may cancel at any time. Upon booking a standard contract is made up between us where my cancelation policies are outlined more in detail.

When do we get the pictures after the wedding? Within 2 weeks after the wedding you get a taster with a selection of images from the day. A few weeks after that all your images will be ready for you. The exact delivery date differ a little depending on what time of year you are getting married and how long I was with you during the wedding day.

Is engagement photos included in your packages? A pre-wedding, also called engagement shoot, is included for free in all my 8 hour plus packages but can also be bought and booked separately. This is a great shoot to have some time ahead of the wedding to have a little warm up infront of the camera. We find a nice location, try some different poses and you get to keep all the high resolution images afterwards. Some people use the images on their invites, for their wedding website, social media or displayed at the wedding. It's also a great opportunity for you and I to get to know each other a little better.

Do you edit the images? I edit all the images myself where each image file is worked on individually. Color correction, contrast, exposure, clarity, b/w conversions and small tweaks are made to further perfect the images, where as larger adjustments and alterations will always been done in discussion with you, the clients.

Do you charge a fee for travel and accommodation? I am based in Helsingborg, Skåne, Sweden, and all weddings outside of Skåne will be charged milage. As I photograph a lot of weddings internationally a fee for travel and accommodation will either be included in your bespoke fee or discussed together ahead of booking.

How will the images be delivered after the wedding? Within a couple of weeks of your wedding a taster selection of the images will be ready for you to view online. A few weeks later all the images from the wedding will be ready for you to view in an online gallery and at the same time you will receive all your digital negatives electronically and on a USB drive.

Do you require a deposit and how much is it? Yes, 25% of your total wedding package is required to book me for your wedding.

Can I pay by instalments? Absolutely and without any additional fees. We simply set up a payment plan leading up to your wedding and you can pay by as many or as few instalments as you like up to the day of your wedding at no additional cost.

How do you dress for a wedding? Comfortably and presentable. In order for me to capture all the angles throughout a whole day I need to wear an outfit that suits my work style and at the same time looks presentable and suitable for a wedding.

Do you take pictures of our guests? I definitely do. These images are always nice for you to have as some of the things I see during the wedding, you might not. There will be lot's of pictures of guests mingling, events involving guests, you talking to your guests and all the other general celebrations that includes your friends and family. How many picture depends on how long you have booked me for your wedding, how much time you have allowed for the champagne reception and if I'm around for speeches and dancing.

How many images do you shoot during a wedding? A lot. I tend to take a lot of images always. There's so much going on and I don't want to miss a thing and for me to be able to provide you with the very best images from your day I tend to take many images. Later, in editing, I will sort out images that doesn't work for one reason or another and keep all the beautiful, fun images that tells the story of you and your wedding day. Once you receive your collection you will have the exact same copies as I keep on file.

Do you require a meal? If I am working more than 4 hours on your wedding day I would love a meal. It's something we will discuss during our pre wedding meeting.

Have you photographed at my venue before?

It's quite likely that I have as I have shot at several venues over the years. If I haven't been to your venue I will always visit before hand to have a look around and to make plans/prepare for the photos. Perhaps we will meet there in person to have a chat together during our pre-wedding meeting but if that's not possible I will arrange a time with the wedding co-ordinator. If I've shoot at your venue before I will be familiar with the place and good spots for photography. If I've never been I'm equally excited to explore and create new, amazing images in the best locations within the venue or nearby.

What kind of equipment do you use? I use Nikon cameras and lenses all the way. I use two cameras that I change in-between during the day as I like to use a few different lenses throughout the day for different scenes. I always bring backup equipment and flashen if and when needed.

What should I be looking for when I'm choosing my wedding photographer? I would make sure you love the style of their images to start with. Does the work of the photographer speak to you? Do you like the way the photographer use light and locations together with their subjects. Does the people in the pictures look relaxed and at ease. I'd say that's a good start. Secondly once you get in touch with your photographer you will get a feel for what the person is like. Is it a nice person that you can imaging having around during your wedding day? Also IMO make sure they have experience and routine, as it helps a lot when your photographer have done this before and knows how to create the best images under challenging conditions, stress, time limits as well as how to deal with many different circumstances and situations.

How far in advance should I book my wedding photographer? My honest answer is to book your wedding photographer as soon as possible. The really good ones get booked up quickly and many photographers only take on a limited number of weddings each year. It also allows you plenty of time for organising and meeting your photographer during your planning stage, as well as warming up with a pre-wedding shoot.

Why does wedding photographers charge so much? There's lot's of different price options when it comes to booking your wedding photographer. Most of the time the more expensive photographers have experience, knowledge, routine and a well rounded network of colleagues in the industry, whereas new photographers who are just starting up might charge less in order to build a portfolio and a network. There is also a lot more work that goes into your wedding photos than what it might look like. A good photographer will invest in appropriate insurance, the best equipment, backup gear and education/courses. Also, a 10 hour wedding is never just 10 hours. Prior to the actual wedding day the photographer works in the office/studio to answer your emails, draft contracts + general paperwork, attend meetings with you and other suppliers, visit venues, have pre-wedding shoots, scout locations, prepare for plan A and B and so on. After the wedding there's backup to be done, several days of sorting and editing the images, organising images, creating slideshows, layouts, packages and publishing the images. All the preparation before the wedding and the work on and around the images after the wedding takes time which is included in your wedding photography package price. And not to forget VAT, taxes and general fees of running your own business. We all know there's a ton of that baked into the price that actually eats up a big part of the cake before you even get to have a piece yourself.


The 65+ shoot is for anyone over the age of 65. It's a photoshoot where we celebrate you and the essence of who you are by creating memorable and beautiful images together in a place and style that suits you and your personality. The result is a series of images of you that celebrates your age, body, personality and life! We spend an hour together having fun in an easygoing and relaxed manner in a fun/beautiful/urban/natural/quirky  environment of your choice. The photoshoot can be of just you or together with your partner, a group of friends, members of your family and/or your animals (as long as you're all over 65 years old, with an exception for pets).


Photoshoot for 1 hour

On location in Helsingborg

Images sold separately

650 kr

Available Monday - Thursday (09-15)

Only available in Helsingborg

Digital & Printed Images

1 high resolution digital image file 650kr

5 high resolution digital image files 1500kr
10 high resolution digital image files 2500kr

15 high resolution digital image files 3500kr

All the high resolution digital files 5500kr

Printed Fine art photo 18x24cm = 350kr

Printed Fine art photo 24x30cm = 550kr

Printed Fine art photo 30x40cm = 650kr

Printed Fine art photo 40x50cm = 750kr

Printed Fine art photo 50x70cm = 850kr