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My name is Anna and I am a photographer & filmmaker who loves visual communication and storytelling. I am crazy about art, culture, people and creating images that makes a difference. 

I was born and raised in the south of Sweden, but left shortly after school to explore the world. Since then I have travelled the world and lived abroad for most of my adult life. I love experiencing new places, connecting with people and have serious cravings for art and culture of all kinds.

I've been in love with images since as long as I can remember and have been a visual storyteller in one way or another my entire life. My love for imagery has taken me on many different adventures and I have a wealth of experience in everything from photographing weddings, interiors and cookbooks, to making information films and producing documentaries. 

I have a bachelors in Arts and have been the director of my own business for 15 years+.

I believe in a lot of things; freedom, diversity, equality and love for everyone. But mostly I believe in being kind, helpful and making a difference whenever I can in my everyday life. 

My favourite place is right here, right now, especially if I get to spend it with my family, friends or getting to know new interesting people from all walks of life. Small things like walking on the beach in the rain, home made pizza on a Friday night, notes on the bathroom mirror, Chagall's expressionist work and multiple episodes of This is Us makes me happy, but my absolute favourite thing is making other people happy with my work and there's nothing like it!



This is Chloé, my sweet Bernese Mountain Dog.

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