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We are an international boutique photography business that specialises in weddings and portraiture in Europe and beyond. With 20 years + experience in the industry and over 300 weddings & events covered, Rosell+Simons aim to provide you with excellent service, timeless images and an overall outstanding experience.


At Rosell+Simons exceptional service and craftsmanship is at the forefront of everything we do. Your experience throughout the entire wedding journey, together with the resulting images, is what makes us special and extraordinary at what we do. Our mission statement is not only for you to have the most amazing, timeless photographs, but also to be surrounded by our compassionate and experienced staff for exceptional help & support. The Rosell+Simons team only accept a limited numer of weddings each year, and provide bespoke tailor made packages to suit each individual event.



The team at Rosell+Simons consists of photographers Anna Rosell and Ingrid Simons who, together with a team of freelance photographers, provide an international high end clientele with amazing images and exceptional service. 

Anna Rosell

Anna was born and raised in Sweden but has lived abroad for most of her adult life. She's worked as a photographer for the last 25 years and photographed weddings and events all over the world. Her work is ...



Ingrid Simons

Ingrid has over 15 years experience as a photographer and her images are timeless, elegant and full of emotions. She's phenomenal at capturing special moments and telling stories with her images.

She is sophisticated, just like her work, and has worked with high end, international clients throughout her career.

Ingrid is based in the Netherlands but travels all over Europe & beyond for portraits, weddings and events. When she's not busy with photography you'll find her pottering in her garden, decorating her house, traveling the world or enjoying fine dining with family and friends. She's extremely compassionate, attentive and service minded, as well as hard working, experienced and solution orientated.


We pride ourselves in creating beautiful & timeless images of people from all over the world. Capturing the essence of where you are in time and space, in order to create images that lives on forever, is the number one reason why we love photographing people. We're equipped for all possible locations, wether you're in need of a studio set up or location portraits, and have a team of photographers who are truly passionate about creating the most beautiful collections together with you.

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